Mutual Wheel Co. Headquarters


Store Hours(CDT): 8am - 5pm Mon. - Fri.

8am - 12pm Sat.

Our Moline, IL Headquarters offers retail and wholesale truck parts and accessories sales, machine services (including brake relining, driveline remanufacturing, and press work), and steering gear remanufacturing.

Main Office and Machine Shop

2345 4th Avenue

Moline,IL 61265

Parts Dept. and Warehouse

2350 4th Avenue

Moline,IL 61265


(309) 757-1200


(309) 757-1244

Machine Shop

(309) 757-1212

Steering Remanufacturing

(309) 757-1205


(309) 757-1241

The parts department and a section of the warehouse

Moline parts/Warehouse Bldg Office

The main office and machine shop area

Moline Office/Shop Bldg

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